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The Messer Farm Project

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Ausbon Sargent purchased Messer Farm on October 30, 2020. 

Spring Ledge will now enter into an agreement with Ausbon Sargent to lease the Messer Farm fields. 


This historic farmland has been worked by the Messer family for 159 years. Comprising 144 acres in total, 122 of which are sustainably managed forest and 22 in agricultural production, this land has been listed as high priority conservation land in New London's Master Plan since 1987. 


These historic fields have been in agricultural production for row crops, hay, and livestock since the 1790s. The fields are currently leased by Spring Ledge Farm, which shares a property line with Messer fields.  Spring Ledge is comprised of 53 acres already under conservation with Ausbon Sargent. Spring Ledge is dedicated to land conservation, sustainable local food production, and providing employment to the surrounding communities. 

Overlooking scenic views of Mt. Kearsarge and adjacent to the 19th century village of the New London Historical Society and the Moses Adams field, this property contains the headwaters of White Brook, which feeds into Pleasant Lake. Messer Farm has an established network of trails for walking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. 

The preservation of this land will benefit the residents of New London and the surrounding communities for generations to come, through the support of our shared values of sustainable local agriculture, employment, and outdoor recreation. Spring Ledge Farm thanks you for your support of this project! 

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We invite you to read these articles published in the summer 2020 issue of Chatter to learn more about this important project.


Thank you for your support! We achieved our goal of securing this exquisite land in the heart of New London for the benefit of future generations.

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