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Nursery Growing Practices

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      We grow healthy roots, first and foremost, and the rest flows from that strong root base into a healthy and vigorous plant.  Great roots from the beginning lead to successful plants with better flowers and fruit.  

     How we grow great roots relies on an integrated approach to horticulture and agriculture.   We start with healthy soils, amend them with beneficial microbes, water and fertilize with care, provide good air flow and proper temperatures, assure high light levels, utilize beneficial insects and bio-rational sprays and harden-off our plants as needed so that they are ready for your N.H. gardens.  

      In a nutshell, this approach is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), although in our case, we're really practicing Integrated Crop Management since we're focused on the overall health of the roots and plants, not just pest pressure.  

       Beneficial microbes are added to all of our potted plants, hanging baskets and 4-packs, forming a healthy, biologically active soil system to enhance root growth and combat root diseases.  We've found that a strong plant (stemming from a strong root structure) will also be less prone to diseases and insect pest pressures.  

       We also utilize microbes on the leaf surfaces to combat diseases and enhance growth.  We scout the crop to look for insect and disease pressure, and we proactively release thousands of "good bugs" weekly to help balance out the pests.  The natural balance means we don't have large outbreaks of pests, reducing the amount of pesticides used at the farm.  

      When we do have to use pesticides, we start with something biological - something derived from a natural source.  These take longer to work and are more expensive, but they are an integral part of our IPM system and don't harm our good bugs.   Careful scouting along with decades of experience help us grow the best plants for your gardens.  

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