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Our Mission

We commit to grow and sell high-quality ornamental plants, vegetables, flowers, and fruits in a manner that respects the long-term health and well-being of the environment, the land, ourselves, and the community.

         Spring Ledge Farm is committed to equal-opportunity employment.

It is the policy of Spring Ledge Farm to provide equal opportunity to all employees

and applicants without regard to an individual’s race, religion, color, national origin,

ancestry, disability, marital status, age, sex, or sexual orientation.



     The culture on all the crews across the farm is crucial to growing and selling top-notch produce, plants, flowers, and local products.  It sets the groundwork for how we work together to fulfill the mission of the farm. Our crews are asked to work hard in all types of weather. Positive attitudes and a passion for the end goal makes all the difference. We are a part of the Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee community and strive to make products that further the health and well-being of our staff, the land, and the greater community. We are a solution-based team and work together to solve problems and accomplish tasks. We are looking for passionate people that will go above and beyond with growing, harvesting, and selling our plants and produce. 


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No Job Description for a position can possibly include all duties which may be requested by customers or required by the farm. The objective of all positions is to effectively provide the services personally or to immediately refer requests to the appropriate department manager. The following is a summary of the major responsibilities of the position.

Purpose/General Responsibilities:  

Spring Ledge Farm grows approximately 27 acres of mixed vegetables, strawberries, and sweet corn which we sell through our Farmstand as well as our CSA program.   Field-grown crops are a major part of Spring Ledge Farm and we pride ourselves in providing our community with quality, locally grown produce. 

During the Spring, the Field Crew Supervisor will work alongside management planting crops, setting up irrigation, pruning and trellising tomato greenhouses, along with other general crop maintenance tasks.  During the summer months, the Field Crew Supervisor is responsible for leading the Field Crew through their daily tasks. These tasks will include harvesting, washing, and packing of our field grown crops along with transplanting and weeding projects. During Fall, the Field Crew Supervisor will be leading a small crew harvesting crops, planting greenhouses with winter greens, and cleaning up fields before winter.

This position is Full-Time in season, running late March to December and requires 40+ hours per week during the summer months. Rate of pay is hourly ranging from $16-$20 per hour and is commensurate with experience.

Supervisory Responsibilities:  Field crew members


Specific (Essential) Responsibilities: 


  1. Train and Lead Field Crew Members

    1. Demonstrate safe operating of vehicles and tools

    2. Work with Field Manager to train the crew on best methods for planting, weeding, harvesting and washing of field produce  

    3. Lead daily crew tasks and transitions in coordination with the Field Manager and Production Manager

      1. Planning ahead so that co-workers are transitioning efficiently between tasks

      2. Ensure daily tasks are planned out and ready prior to the start of each day

    4. Work with Field Manager to develop/maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for harvesting, washing, and packing of crops

  2. Communication

    1. Communicate with Field Crew Members

      1. Where individual crops are found in the fields

      2. Any changes in produce standards

      3. What crops are being harvested for CSA shares each week

      4. Address issues/conflicts with field crew members

    2. Communicate with Field Manager

      1. Upcoming tasks and priorities

      2. Changes in produce supply or quality

      3. Issues related to produce supply or quality

      4. Issues/conflicts between field crew members

    3. Communicate with Production Manager

      1. Pest issues in specific crops

      2. Timing of pest control applications

      3. Irrigation leaks or repairs needed

      4. Plantings that are finished

  3. Scheduling

    1. Work with the Field Manager to set employee schedules

      1. Manage time off for field crew members

      2. Manage start dates and end dates for field crew members

      3. Posting work schedules throughout the season

      4. Ensure field crew members are adhering to set schedules

    2. Coordinate with Field Manager to schedule Pesticide/Worker Protection Standard (WPS) trainings and Food Safety (FSMA) trainings for all field crew members

  4. Hiring and Onboarding Employees

    1. Work with Field Manager to review job applications

    2. Work with Field Manager to interview qualified applicants

  5. Record Keeping

    1. Maintain necessary records required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

    2. Continually update the harvest list throughout the workday

    3. Schedule and perform occasional crop yield audits throughout the season

  6. Other Duties as Assigned





  • Knowledge or experience with vegetable production

  • Team management experience; ability to maintain high morale and promptly manage conflict if an issue arises

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written; ability to follow instructions and to clearly express ideas in a concise and professional manner

  • Excellent interaction and collaborative skills; must perform comfortably in group settings

  • Ability to work effectively and maintain deadlines with limited supervision

  • Critical thinking and decision-making ability; able to make effective decisions under uncertain/variable conditions

  • Strong work ethic with history of good attendance

  • Ability to lift and carry 50 lbs. repeatedly throughout the day

  • Must be able to perform physical work in a variety of positions and at various heights. This includes bending, squatting, reaching, twisting etc.

  • Tolerate working outdoors in all types of weather conditions and temperatures



We are looking for friendly, service-oriented staff who enjoy working with people. Some knowledge and interest in plants, gardening, vegetables, cooking, health, and farming are assets. We will provide training and information in these areas as well. Willingness to work as a team at many tasks and also have daily assignments in specific areas. Some physical strength is necessary for many of these tasks. Spring Ledge Farm is open seven days a week. Tentative business hours are 9:00-6:00 Mon. - Sat, 9:00-4:00 Sun. Monday through Saturday we have an opening and a closing shift. Employees are expected to arrive an hour before opening for set up, and the evening closing usually requires working until 6:30. You will be scheduled to work one of these shifts. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are considered normal working days and also our busiest days. A rotating schedule is developed for days off. We are closed on July 4 and Labor Day. Full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions are available. Spring and summer are our busiest times; we are also looking for people who can stay through December.

Farmstand employees are responsible for:

  • Sales, display areas, general upkeep of the farm stand, and sales greenhouses.

  • Cash register transactions.

  • Customer assistance and service.

  • Morning set up, and end of the day takedown of perishable displays.

  • Assistance in watering plants in outdoor retail spaces as well as retail greenhouses.

  • Handling deliveries and taking special orders. 

  • Restocking vegetables, and arranging retail displays.

  • All crew members are required to work one weekend day.

  • A fun attitude and love for cheese and veggies!



Greenhouse crews grow ornamental and vegetable crops for retail sale in our eight greenhouses and cold frames, as well as in our outdoor growing spaces. Greenhouse crews are responsible for filling pots with soil, transplanting young plants, watering greenhouses daily, moving plants to cold frames, and keeping the farmstand stocked with fresh plants. Some plant knowledge is a bonus, but not required. Greenhouse crews generally work 8-4:30, five days per week. Spring Ledge is open seven days a week, and all crews are expected to work one weekend day.

Full-time and part-time positions available. Most positions run early spring through mid summer, with the opportunity to transition to Field or Farmstand work. Full time positions available March-October for the right candidate, with potential to stay on through the Christmas season. 

Some qualities we are looking for:

  • Crews must have excellent communication skills and be able to follow verbal and written instructions.

  • Ability to shift quickly from task to task when priorities change.

  • Ability to work alone doing detail oriented work and as part of a team on fast paced projects.

  • Willing and prepared to work in all weather.  

  • Some plant knowledge is a plus, but not necessary.

  • Crews must be willing and able to lift heavy bags of soil and plants.

  • Must be prepared to get your hands dirty and be on your feet all day.



The Field Crew is responsible for the production and harvest of the

30 acres of vegetables, strawberries, and sweet corn that Spring Ledge Farm grows.  The job includes all the aspects of growing such as planting, weeding, irrigating, harvesting, washing, and packing.

This outside, rain or shine job is physically demanding, but lots of fun with a good bunch of people. Farming experience is not necessary; we will train the right person. As farming is hard work, we expect a lot out of you.

We hire for the growing season May-October, and also hire students for summer help.  Especially needed are people who can work the full season. After school or weekend work can be available for those students who work in the summer. We hire both full-time and part-time positions: part-time means mornings only. The workweek is at least 5 days for all. We need everyone to work at least one weekend day each week. Generally the weekend day is a half day or whenever we get done with the harvest. More hours are available to qualified candidates.


·     The ability to work all day in all weather conditions including rain, heat, and cold.

·     The ability to work quickly and efficiently.

·     The ability to listen and follow instructions.

·     Willingness to work as part of a team.

·     The ability to stand or squat or kneel for hours.

·     The ability to stayed focused during long, monotonous tasks.

·     The ability to lift and carry 40 lbs.

·     A good attitude!

We are looking to hire full-time workers with availability to stay through the fall harvest season.
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