Spring Ledge Farm 

37 Main Street

New London, New Hampshire 


Open Monday-Saturday 10-5:30

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Our Mission
We commit to grow and sell high quality ornamental plants, cut flowers, vegetables, and fruits in a manner that respects the long-term health and well-being of the environment, the land, ourselves
and the community.

Now Hiring!

Farmstand Retail and Field Crew positions available.

If you want the experience of a customer returning your smile or the satisfaction of looking back on a crop row well-tended, we may be a good fit.  

At Misty Knoll Farms, our chickens and turkeys are free to roam throughout our spacious, specially designed chicken and turkey houses, with access to abundant feed, water and fresh air. Allowed to grow naturally to size, our birds are robust and meatier. As a result of this clean, stress-free environment, our birds are healthier and better tasting.

Misty Knoll Farms
1685 Main Street
New Haven, Vermont 05472

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